A Phallussy at Miami Made’s Weekend 2011


FIU Public Health graduate and choreographer, Pioneer Winter, 23, introduced to Miami a new form of art by combining ballet and contemporary dance with theater action. Through the use of art, Phallussy breaks away from the stereotypes imposed by society on the gay community.

Winter said his studies have helped him gain another perspective which lends itself to his choreography. “In Phallussy, my education merely aided in my being able to express more clearly my stance on orientation and gender stigma,” he added.

“I give a lot of credit to my very eclectic dance education. While my focus has become the intersection of contemporary aesthetic and technique with dance theater, its aim is to promote social awareness topics. I find dance for the sake of dance is often unable to reach the public. It can be used, though, as a medium to promote change,” said Winter.

Danielle Listhrop, 24, came to see her friend perform, “I know there is some nudity involved… it’s all art to me,” she said.

The title was strategically chosen to represent the play and lead the viewer through a series of scenes that contained sexual connotations, as well as nudity.

Phallussy made a clear point – to recognize the similarities in gay relationships through humor and dance, which created an artistic piece while emphasizing the need for equality between genders.

The Miami Made’s 2011 weekend festival was an opportunity for upcoming artist Pioneer Winter to showcase his art and continue expanding his choreography.

“Right now, I am in the process of writing proposals for new work. Phallussy should be added to and refined, but right now I am in the midst of starting preparations for a collaborative work with sculptor Jared Sharon for the 42nd Anniversary of the Stonewall Riot.”

Although Winter and his dancers do not have a secure space yet for the Stonewall Riot, he said he was looking at all of the options he was given. “I’ve seen through creating Phallussy that I have a passion and a voice that many have welcomed and I am hungry for more,” said Winter.


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