Chevy @ FIU

Chevy Comes to FIU: A panel of three social media gurus came to Florida International University to inform its students about social media and its importance in today’s ever-changing technology.

Sponsored by Chevy, the three social media experts explained FIU students how they too, could also develop their own media sites and build networking tactics that would get them to socialize with others in their career field as well as possibly landing a job.

As part of the social event, the sponsor,Chevy brought some of their newest car models to the campus for students to test-drive.

Personally, I was able to get my hands in the Chevy Volt and to my surprise, the car was very pleasant to drive. The Volt is the first electric car Chevy makes and they have definitely made it worthy of its name. Like a lightning bolt, the car functions just as if it was running on gasoline. Buttons are a thing of this past, the Chevy Volt has its screen, including radio and the wheel commands all touch sensitive. The car can run up to 40 miles before charging and its technology driven system lets the driver  know how long charging would take.

GM has placed a very competitive car on the market that will attract the technology people of today. The Volt, comes equipped with GM’s signature Onstar, which is truly a plus.

Car as shown: $41,000



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