A Skilled Journalist

I was asked to analyze what makes a good journalist, good?

  • Good reporting skills – ability to finds facts that corroborate the information obtained by other sources
  • Outstanding writing skills
  • Curiosity – in order to find a story, a good journalist must ask many questions and look for the story behind the story
  • Intuition – a journalist knows when someone is lying to them or his/her sources are not reliable
  • Descriptive – painting a picture goes hand in hand with story telling, to keep readers interested, an image has to be presented to them
  • Passionate – needless to say, journalists must be passionate in the search of their next story, otherwise, he will be just an essay writer instead of a journalist
  • Reporter – although reporting is part of the process of being a journalist, it is only 50% of the profession, the other 50% is conformed of small pieces  coming together
  • Well-rounded/ Book Worm – journalists should know a little of everything, they are destined  to be endless readers. In order to talk about something, one must know about it first
  • Professional – although it might be hard to be remain impartial in some stories, a journalist must remain in the middle and adopt a neutral position
  • Be objective – the ability to separate what’s really important from all of the other information that is not relevant to the story
  • Persistent – a key trait in a journalist, overcoming the NO
  • Patient – understanding when is the right moment to ask the right question
  • Social Guru- having contacts and people who could be potential sources at some point in life. Because no one nows what situation might arise and who can help

Most of all, a journalist has to have a passion for information and communicating that information to the masses. A journalist serves as a venue of information to those who don’t have access to books or other means of education, the journalist is the medium that educates and informs people around the world. That is a mission that only a skilled journalist can perform.

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