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Vibrant skin with Vivant!

Products: c/o Vivant Skin Care Ever wondered what are the best products for your skin type? According to Vivant, these are mine (pictured above).. I’ve been testing them out for a few weeks and the results have been nothing but great! Take a look below for more details. 1. Day Treatment Lotion SPF 15 – I have always been […]

Teach Me to Save

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Did you know?

Did you know that before exercising there is a “Pre-Workout Drink” that will increase your workout intensity while helping improve your blood flow..? GNC has many brands of pre-workout drinks and goes into detail about the purpose of each one of them and the different flavors. Here’s is a link if you would like to […]

On-the-go food, but healthy too!

Feed your body, fuel your life, and never feel deprived!!! – Breakfast can be a dieter’s best friend, it jumpstarts your metabolism while keeping you from snacking mindlessly and overeating throughout the day. But eating the same thing every morning can leave you feeling bored and unsatisfied over time. You should swap your regular breakfast […]

Positive thoughts to get you “Work-out Ready”

Ever thought eating healthy and staying in shape was an unattainable goal? Most people tend to think that they have to go through great lengths to prepare a healthy meal and design a schedule where they can fit “gym time.” They also resort to alternatives such as in-home DVD programs in order to manage their time, in the […]

Planet Sushi Miami – Food From Another Planet

Miami Beach, a scenery full of pastel-colored Art Deco hotels and white-sand beaches, the perfect combination for..just about anything. Between the heat of the sun, a humid atmosphere that desperately calls for a drink and flip-flops that come and go, there is a place out of this planet; really, it’s called Planet Sushi. Straight from […]

Yoga Paddle Boarding in Coral Gables, Miami.

Crystal Kazemfar woke up one early Saturday morning to mix her two favorite things: water and yoga. A combination of yoga and paddle boarding has made its debut to Miami and Kezemfar was decided to try the new combination of sports. “I learned about sup yoga through kite boarding, I’ve been involved with yoga for […]

A Skilled Journalist

I was asked to analyze what makes a good journalist, good? Good reporting skills – ability to finds facts that corroborate the information obtained by other sources Outstanding writing skills Curiosity – in order to find a story, a good journalist must ask many questions and look for the story behind the story Intuition – […]

Chevy @ FIU

Chevy Comes to FIU: A panel of three social media gurus came to Florida International University to inform its students about social media and its importance in today’s ever-changing technology. Sponsored by Chevy, the three social media experts explained FIU students how they too, could also develop their own media sites and build networking tactics that would get them to […]